Cinta Salad




• 2 peeled carrots, cut into thin strips/ matches

• 2 cucumbers cut into thin strips/ matches

• 1 Arabic lettuce head (inner leaves only), cut into thin strips.

• 2 green onions (stalks only) cut into rings.

• 200gr chicken breast, cut into thin strips.

• Salt

• Pepper

• Sweet paprika


• 3 spoons peanut butter (recommended to warm slightly until soften)

• 4 spoons soy oil

• 1 spoon sweet chili sauce

• 1 teaspoon soy

• 1 spoon honey

• 1 teaspoon lemon juice

• 1 small grated/ crushed garlic clove

• Pinch of salt

• 1 spoon toasted/ salted chopped peanuts



Start with the dressing: mix well all dressing ingredients using blender or bowl until smooth mixture.

Then, sauté chicken strips using frying pan, a few minutes for every side, mix all vegetables with the sauce, spread chicken breast strips on top, garnish with chopped peanuts to taste, serve and enjoy!


Bon Appetite!